Sunday, April 13, 2008

Norman again.....and Misty

I hope I hope I hope.....We could never have hoped this hard. If we were to pick a goal to aim for this spring at Norman we would have fallen sadly short. It was crowded, it was sunny and beautiful, it was fun, and did I say crowded? Larry says it was "Mardi Gras" crowded. Everyone had fun, we sold TONS of aromanecklaces (so all ya'll can smell good). Thank you Linda Linn for producing yet another perfect example of a festival.

Did any of you meet Misty? Without her help, Larry and I would have been very tired puppies. Come to think of it, we were ALL tired puppies anyway! This years' Norman was a 3 person weekend - it took all three of us to run the booth. Misty is the new face of Crystal Mountain. Over the years you will see her everywhere, and eventually she will BE Crystal Mountain. Larry and I love doing the oils and incense but it is hard work (did any of you realize that Larry is going to be 70 next year?). Larry is discovering woodturning, and he wants to have more time to persue that. We won't be totally out of the picture for a long time, but you will see Misty more and more.

Misty is Larry's oldest granddaughter. She is 22, a gemini. We first introduced her to our oils etc when she was 10 and she loved them even then. She created the blend 'Sunberry' way back then, which has been popular ever since. It has taken her a long journey since then to join us, but like the old chinese proverb "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". It was the right time for her to join us. She came to live with us last October to help with TRF since I was just starting my chemo treatments then and we didn't know how I would handle it all. As it went, she has stayed with us all winter in what she calls "grandpa's boot camp" learning all sorts of things from actually making stock to filling mail orders to what it takes to be an exceptional person. Now it's off to do her first show by herself and I think she will rock.

You like our new vardo? The first one is at Tennessee and it will stay there. This new one has been traveling with us but it might stay in Colorado. Then we might just build a third one, but we like this design best.

Like most blogs....I have other things I need to get done so I'll run for now. Thanks all for all the pretty aromanecklaces you buy from us.....