Saturday, March 24, 2007

The shows begin..

Spring is here, only officially for some of us. But here in Texas the trees are leafed out and the days are more than warm. The wisteria is in full bloom, along with the dogwoods and redbuds. And of course the pine pollen is making EVERYTHING yellow. But I never cease the wonder of each passing season. It seems the gods have it all figured out and no man will ever, ever improve upon it.
And the shows are about to start. We are going to Norman, Oklahoma next weekend. Funny how far the season has progressed here in south east Texas and yet when we drive up to Norman next weekend it will be like driving backwards in the season. Slowly, as we get closer to Fort Worth, then past Denton, the trees start to loose thier green look. The grass will still be brown up there. Some tree buds will just barely be peaking out, hoping that this day will be sunny and warm so it can continue it's yearly journey through the seasons.

Waxing too poetic for you? We love going to Norman OK. There are some years we get up there and the trees are in full bloom and the colors are awesome. And we've been up there in years it was 26 friggin' degrees in the morning. Makes it pretty difficult to set up our booth to sell incense and oils. But over all Norman has been good to us. The people come out in the thousands - litterely. Actually about 200,000 in 3 days. Wonderful crowd. Great people, everyone has a terricfic weekend. We go back to our motel smelling like a French Whorehouse from pouring oils all day. It's wonderful.

I've been sitting at my shop counter the last several days trying to get the last of my aromanecklaces done. Things have gone well this year. I've managed to put together a really nice display without waiting until the 11th hour. Larry is finishing up the wheels for the vardo. They are new this year and I hope things go without mishap, being so close to the weekend. We have to be packed and ready to leave about midday Thursday. It's a 7 hour drive up there. Funny, we've been doing it ever year for 15 years now. Look forward to it every year.

Once we get up there, it's gonna be a busy spring. I hope I sell tons of necklaces and oils and incense and smoking bottles. Once we get back I have to make double stock to get ready for Tennessee and Austin both. I'll let you know how THAT goes! And now I have to go back to my shop counter.....

"Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement."

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Welcome to It's A Scentual World....

We don't spend all our waking and non waking hours on blogs, forums or chat rooms. But we have finally reached a point where we would like to engage in a online community talking about what we love to do - Essential and fragrance oils & incense! My name is Kerry and my partner is Larry and we are Crystal Mountain Oils & Incense (found at Since this is my first post I know no one is out there listening right now, but the more we talk, the more you'll want to put your 2 cents in. So this blog is our thoughts and experiences about the past 15 years as we have made and sold incense, essential and fragrance oils. We'll post comments about technical stuff and links to interesting articles on the web. We'll talk about the magical, "un-scientific" side of oils (and the herbs they come from), mythology and lore about oils. I'll start by posting twice a week. You can check out our website and contact us directly, or you can also visit our Google Group at

Let me go install my printer and get that up and running (my new HP didn't have the right software for the new Vista OS....gherrrrr!). I'll be back shortly to post the first bit of fascinating info for ya.....