Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election time

It's a cinch to see I'll never make a living writing daily editorials. When I was a kid, writing was never my cup of tea. Drawing was. I was also the one getting into trouble for drawing horses on the side of my math test. Funny tho, I don't draw these days any more than I write. Too busy making the aromajewelry it seems, or just doing business paper work.

TRF opened with a bang. The weather was great all weekend and Saturday the crowds were excellent! 26+ I heard. It was the best opening weekend we've had since Hurricane Rita came through in '05. And, since we have more perfect weather forcast for this second weekend, it looks like we are in for a very enjoyable TRF 2008.

For all of us who make a living doing renaissance festivals and art shows, the ecomomy is the most important item on our list this election year (health care being second). Obviously, the more expendable income the masses have, the more likely we are to also make a good living despite the ever increasing cost of basics like fuel, good and utilites. Larry and I are fairly devoted political junkies. Yep, we've watched all 4 presidential and vice presidential debates this year. We are excited. This has been a great campaign this time around. Politics by nature are mud slinging, platform-ranting episodes. But some are way worse than others. Take the Jefferson-Hamilton-Van Buren wars of the election of 1800 (yea, I know, some of you are old enough to rememeber them....). I think that both Obama and McCain have conducted themselves impressivly this year in staying above the mud slinging and sticking to the issues. None of that Swiftvote lies and deliberate misleading that so dominated the 2000 & 2004 elections. So, our hates are off to you, Barak and John, for showing this country that if we really put our minds to it, we really can get back to what we all SAY we want. The American dream of hard work and success, honor and fairness. Some say America is past it's prime and on the downslide. But just like this extra 15 pounds I've put on in the past few years, I don't have to just sit back and accept it. I can certianly keep working on loosing it. Only time will tell if we've worked hard enough and correctly to achive what we want.

It really IS important to vote this year. It's your right and your responsibility.