Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thoughts at Waffle House

It's Monday morning and Larry, Misty and I are sitting in Waffle House waiting on breakfast. I love Waffle House, maybe because I love eggs. We had a really killer opening weekend at the Colorado Renaissance Festival and Waffle House is a common treat after a good weekend. Certianly I don't want to cook and clean up on Monday mornings. Actually, I'd rather sleep all day but the nature of our business dictates that I get up and get orders made, deposits deposited and plans for the week sorted out so that the next weekend runs smoothly. WEDNESDAYS are for sleeping in.

While we are waiting on our food a young man walks by going to the restroom. He is dressed in a t-shirts and nice shorts. But he has tattoos and is wearing a funky bone necklace. Looks like one of todays youth to me. Then I thought about the previous Friday. The faire site was busy busy busy with everyone getting all the last minute setups done. Right in front of us this year is the Mongolian Embassy. Royce and his crew are typical Rennies I guess. Long hair and beards. Funky jewelry. Tattoos. Often funky clothes. So many rennies wear skirts and pants that obviously didn't come from Walmart. Rennies make a striking image when we are in the local King Sooper shopping for food. Yet as Royce finished his work and was starting his truck to leave, it occured to me (not for the first time) that while we don't look like your standard 9-5 office workers, rennies are amazing business people and extremely hard workers. We work as hard at our jobs and buisnesses as any plumbing contractor or insurance agent.

My eggs have arrived. Time to eat.